Episode VI.i

Still reeling from a major defeat at the hands of The Alliance at The Battle of Endor eight Corrosant months prior, The Empire are heavily focused on securing the systems they hold and preparing for further battles to come.

Without the leadership of Darths Sidious and Vader, the Empire has divided itself into warring factions with each leader seeking to declare himself Emperor of the Galaxy.

Inspired by and with the aid of the Alliance, many system have risen up against the oppression of the Empire. Very few have been successful in securing their freedom. For many more, Imperial retribution has been swift and brutal.

Far from the machinations of major powers, the crew of the Pyrite Wyrm seek to deliver their cargo to the planet Ni Pa-Yon, collect their pay, reload for another journey and hopefully meet their obligations.

Little do they know the dangers and opportunities which lie ahead…

Delivery to Ni Pa-Yon

GM: We catch up wit the crew of the Pyrite Wyrm in hyperspace, already en route to their destination.

Xiisco: Ni Pa-Yon is another 13 hours away (taps fuel gauge) so we should definitely have enough fuel to get us there.

Squiddy: Should?

Xiisco: Definitely.

Kalisary (over intercom): It’s cold down here! I need another blanket.

Rikkard (over shoulder over intercom): And we’re out of blue milk!

Xiisco: (Polite as he can muster): Blankets are located in the vertical locker. We apologise for the lack of blue milk.

Kalisary: And these pillows smell and are lumpy!

Xiisco (Now yelling down the hall way): Your passage doesn’t include pillows!

GM: Thirteen hours later…

Squiddy: Coming up on Ni Pa-Yon system.

GM: The Pyrite Wyrm drops out of hyperspace with the planet Ni Pa-Yon in view up ahead. Almost immediately, the cockpit is filled with the sound of a proximity alarm…

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